Isolation Work Station Preparation

So we are all house-bound and have been instructed to continue working from home. Need to set up a space where you can be productive and get things done? Want to make sure you are looking after your spine while doing so? You have come to the right place! It may be tempting to set […]

Is Your Day Job Killing You? Tips to improve unhealthy Office Behaviour

Having an office job is the safest job in the world, right? I mean, what could go wrong? Well, a lot actually. Sure, your day job might not literally kill you, but it may be having a negative impact on your health and well being. The sedentary lifestyle we’ve come to know as normal is […]

Keep Rolling! The benefits of using a Foam Roller.

Foam Rolling is one of the most popular methods of body self-help, and for good reason. The cylindrical foam tools are readily available, relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and most importantly; effective! The two main functions of foam rolling are: 1. To maintain supple muscles and prevent or treat muscular trigger points. Muscles are designed to […]

Ouch, Its Winter!

Understand and Overcome the Aches and Pains of Winter! It may have taken its time, but Winter is finally here! As the clouds roll in and the rain comes down, you may begin to notice your body respond to the drop in temperature with some unwelcome aches and pains. Why does this happen? The answers […]

The Bulging Disc

A Conservative Approach to Treating Disc Pain Disc pain is one of the most common reasons people seek Chiropractic treatment. Over the years the dreaded disc seems to have been villainized, resulting in a host of misconceptions about the condition. In reality; while disc injury and bulging can cause severe pain and discomfort, most of […]