Body Conditioning Recommendations

Weak muscles and muscle imbalances are one of the main reasons we develop motion restrictions and painful musculoskeletal conditions. As such, the best way to get the most out of your Chiropractic treatment is to commit to a body strengthening and conditioning program to correct these abnormalities and reinforce the treatment you are receiving.  Pilates, Yoga and Specialised Strength Training Programs are excellent forms of exercise to help you focus in on your “problem areas” and set you in motion to achieve a well conditioned, healthy body!

Sports Massage is also a great adjunct to Chiropractic treatment.

Please see below for my personal list of recommended instructors and therapists:


Studio2Pilates: Dianne Piketh

Breathe Pilates: Zinta Stokes

The Wellness Station: Natalie Greatorex

Wynberg Pilates Studi0: Mattie Holme and Mandy Williams


Hatha Yoga: Amber Land

Cross Fit:

Diep River Cross Fit: Grant Moseby

Dynamic Bike Set Up:

Dynamic Bike: Debbie Stepforth

Sports Massage Therapists:

Tyme-Out: Amy Sasman