Life Giving you a Headache?

You know that familiar pain that keeps you up at night? Wakes you with a slap, then haunts your day like the ghosts of Christmas past? You guessed it, I’m talking about headaches. They come and they go, but they sure do ruin a few moments in between. And when it comes to certain types […]

Rotator Cuff Stuff

Pain in the Shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries are very common, very uncomfortable, and most often, pretty annoying! The old saying: “You don’t know what you have until you lose it” can be better applied to your body in that “You don’t know how it can move until you can’t move it!” It is surprising how these […]

Body Conditioning Recommendations

Weak muscles and muscle imbalances are one of the main reasons we develop motion restrictions and painful musculoskeletal conditions. As such, the best way to get the most out of your Chiropractic treatment is to commit to a body strengthening and conditioning program to correct these abnormalities and reinforce the treatment you are receiving.  Pilates, Yoga […]


How does Chiropractic Work? The main aim of Chiropractic is to assess, diagnose and treat neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction occurring along the length of the spine or in the limbs. The focus of Chiropractic is the spine, however many Chiropractors treat the upper and lower limbs as well. Assessment focuses on evaluating the nerves, muscles, and joints in […]